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Product Spotlight – Baseline

If there is one liquid ingredient worth having around, it’s baseline. Baseline is:

A soluble liquid supplement that feeds beneficial microorganisms; an excellent source of humic and fulvic acids.

It can be used in conjunction with an existing organic or synthetic liquid fertilizer program. It:

  • Increases nutrient cycling
  • Is an excellent ingredient in compost tea
  • Can be used as a stand-alone foliar spray or root drench
  • Can be used in drip irrigation systems without clogging emitters

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Product Spotlight – Foliar Essence

Foliar Essence

It smells like sweet fermented sugars. Loaded with micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and phytohormones, Foliar Essence rapidly boosts growth rates and can be used in conjunction with any fertilizer regimen.

100% organic and vegan, Foliar Essence is carefully extracted from organic soybeans, organic rice and organic sugarcane to provide a readily absorbable form of supplemental plant nutrients important for healthy plant development and pest-resistance support. This foliar spray is ideal for organic and vegan (those who grow without any animal-based fertilizers or animal-based amino acids) cultivators as well as conventional growing, as it ensures that your propagation gets its maximum nutrients resulting in:

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Shilajit – An Ayurvedic Powerhouse

Often times I get the question, “How do I prevent my plants from getting sick?”. The answer is simple, and that is through plant immunity. In short, there are two primary factors that contribute to plant immunity:

  1. Adequate Mineral Nutrition
  2. Having that nutrition delivered in the form of microbial metabolites

When plants are given these essential needs in the form of microbial metabolites (fulvic acid), they are capable of stacking energy reserves in the forms of fats and waxes known as lipids. These lipids can be recognized as that glossy leaf shine you see in healthy gardens; it coats the leaf surfaces and provides a layer of protection against pests & diseases. For example, in the case of powdery mildew – you’ve just inhaled hundreds of powdery mildew spores since you’ve started reading this article. The reason you’re not falling ill is due to the fact that you’ve got a functional immune system powered by microbiology in your gut. The soil is the gut of the plant; it is the very life line the plant relies on to fend off threats in the field. Plant immunity is directly correlated with disease susceptibility.

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Company Spotlight – California Organic Fertilizers Inc.

Based on our qualitative observations of farms using select products from this line of fertilizers, it is in our opinion that businesses, farms and co-ops, seeking to follow organic input standards, look into using this line of fertilizers. 

California Organic Fertilizers has consistently proven their line of nutrients and any single product can make a great addition to a current regime.  We recommend that farms and individuals contact their local horticultural center and request this line be carried. 

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Product Spotlight – OG BioWar

OG BioWar is a product that has been used rather extensively by a group of conscious minded farmers here in Humboldt County.  The root pack is a microbial inoculant. It is a blend of highly concentrated beneficial fungi and bacteria that perform many important functions in the rhizosphere. The root pack promotes plant health by boosting the immune system, increasing shoot and root growth, multiplying flower production and increasing essential oil production. The entire line of OG BIOWAR is worth checking out, definitely a CHA recommended product for biological controls. 

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