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Cannabis Horticultural Association Database

Information contained herewithin is comprised of data assimilated from our own personal scientific research, as well as data aggregated from researching collegiate and professional horticultural methodologies. It is an on-going build …

Integrated Pest Management

Biocontrols & Pest / Pathogen Management

Integrated Nutrient Management


Sub Pages:

BioFertilizersNutrientsAdditivesAmendmentsSoil ChemistrySoil BiologySoil ClassificationCover CropsCompost TeasSprouted Seed TeasFermentingHumic Substances • Dynamic Accumulators • No Till • Dry Farming • Culturing Microbes • Building Microbial Biomass • Mulching

Methodologies, Techniques, Research and Trials

Under Construction

Horticulture 101 • Cloning • Transplanting • Vegetative Growth • Flowering • Preventative Foliar Spraying • Proper Trap Placement • Proper Soil Sampling Techniques • Plant Maintenance Schedules • Reducing Water Usage • Regenerative Agriculture • Terpene & Cannabinoid Biosynthesis • PermacultureCompanion PlantingTrap CroppingIntercroppingExplosive Ember Peppers

Cannabis Culture – The Developing Framework…

Q1 (4/21-7/21)

Updates / New Pages

  • Orius Insidiousus
  • Fermenting
  • Predatory Insects
  • Humic Substances
  • Application Rates for Grandevo
  • Permaculture
  • Sprouted Seed Tea Tutorial
  • Ipm Video for Neoseiulus Californicus
  • Thrips Page Update (3/23/19)
  • Stethorus Punctillum

Topics Currently Under Construction

  • Micro-nutrients
  • Insecticidal Soaps
  • Organic Acids
  • Enzymes
  • Microbial Antagonists
  • Organic Processing
  • Soil Classification
  • Dynamic Accumulators
  • Spraying Methodologies

Member Suggestions for New Topics / Tutorials / Pages

  • State by State List of Approved Pesticides
  • How-to Videos on Spraying
  • Backlinks from Pest/pathogen Management Pages to Individual Biocontrols
  • Page on Biostimulants
  • Korean Natural Farming
  • Page for Organic Sanitizers
  • Increasing Brix Levels
  • Toxicity of Specific Organic Controls
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