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Why Join the Cannabis Horticultural Association?

Supporting Ecological Horticulture

Member funding goes into research, review, testing and content creation specifically in the fields of organic, regenerative and biodynamic horticulture as well as permaculture and agroecology. Any additional funding allows us to advocate and increase consumer awareness of ecologically sound management practices for the cannabis industry and industrial agriculture.

Training for Organic Methodologies

The content membership is an online database which provides a training tool for individuals, consultants, collectives, farms etc. to develop the scientific understanding for cultivating high grade cannabis with organic, biological and ecological methodologies. The database contains three broad categories of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) & BioControls. Within those categories are a range of fields including but not limited to: pest and pathogen management, boosting terpene levels, companion planting, cover crops, compost teas, sprouted seed teas, soil chemistry, soil biology, soil physiology, nutrients, additives, attracting beneficial insects, predatory insects, biochemical pesticides, microbial pesticides and organic chemical controls.

Growing Clean with Integrated Plant Management (IPM)

By implementing our IPM methodologies, members are provided management tools for growing clean cannabis. Through our interactive membership, content database and product reviews, members are provided research summaries and advised on various products and methods which can then be applied to fit best with their particular management.

Advanced Support

Advanced support is an online consulting service available for GOLD and PLATINUM members. It is available through email only. Members in these tiers can email photos of issues they are having, or questions regarding research science to request feedback on these interests. Members are advised to sign up for higher priced plans if they want more direct and immediate answers provided to their questions.

Customized Content Creation

If you are a PLATINUM MEMBER, you have the added benefit to request the creation of new content based on your interests. Whether it be expanding the tutorials on compost teas, researching applications of different fertilizers or questions on pest control techniques, members can now take part in driving the growth of the CHA database.

Seeds for Members

All new members in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers will receive an exclusive pack of seeds from a specialty breeding project for that is selecting for a diverse array of terpenoids and concentrate production. Members can contact us directly for more info after signing up and to choose varieties. One project in particular created some stellar cultivars. A Slapz (Runtz x Grease Monkey) male plant was chosen out of 50 males and bred into a few select females of Gelato41, GMO, Gelonade, White Runtz, Poochies Papaya and Blood Orange Kush. The plants are all laden with resin and sure to please. UPDATE: There are new seeds available!!! A whole new line of amazing genetics has been added to the library. SEED LIST BELOW!!!All new members will be sent a list of genetics to choose from.

***Seeds are for novelty use only and are collectors items.

Seed List 2022 - Cannabis Horticultural Association
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