Ecological Concerns Build Over Rockwool Manufacturing and Health

Rockwool Cubes

For many decades now, Rockwool has been the cornerstone of the clone and hydroponic industry. Providing a sterile media with excellent oxygen retention, even while fully saturated, rockwool has always been a go to for many. But in light of the changing industry dynamics and ecological calamity of corporate pollution, it is now important to look closer at its manufacturing processes and waste stream and make hard decisions about changing our ways.

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Inspecting Clones for Pests and Pathogens

Clones are incredibly important to the facilitation of genetic preservation, but all too often they can also be a source vector for pests and pathogens. We will try to cover the main pests and pathogens you should be aware of and also some symptoms associated with those diseases.

First, it’s important to note the subtle differences between clones and seed grown juvenile plants. Clones are taken off a mother plant and seed grown plants are simply propagated from seed. Seed plants are generally much more vigorous than clones and typically have significantly less possibilities of contracting diseases that mother plants might carry. Clearly this is also codependent on the growing room cleanliness, but in general seed starts can be considered healthier with fewer problems. In this article we will be addressing the problems associated with clones, but the same analysis can be applied for seed grown plants as well.

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Homemade Plant Rooting Hormone – Willow Water

weeping willow tree

It’s always a fascinating learning the DIY process.  Mixed with failures and great rewards, it truly is inspiring to the pure cannaculturist. Here is a wonderful DIY article from Deep Green Permaculture.  We have not yet experimented with this ratio but are looking for feedback from someone that has!

“Willow Water” – How it Works. By: Deep Green Permaculture

“Willow Water” is a homebrew plant rooting hormone that is easily made and can be used to increase the strike rate (growth of roots) of cuttings that you’re trying to propagate.

The way that it works can be attributed to two substances that can be found within the Salix (Willow) species, namely, indolebutyric acid (IBA) and Salicylic acid (SA).

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