Product Spotlight – Foliar Essence

Foliar Essence

It smells like sweet fermented sugars. Loaded with micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and phytohormones, Foliar Essence rapidly boosts growth rates and can be used in conjunction with any fertilizer regimen.

100% organic and vegan, Foliar Essence is carefully extracted from organic soybeans, organic rice and organic sugarcane to provide a readily absorbable form of supplemental plant nutrients important for healthy plant development and pest-resistance support. This foliar spray is ideal for organic and vegan (those who grow without any animal-based fertilizers or animal-based amino acids) cultivators as well as conventional growing, as it ensures that your propagation gets its maximum nutrients resulting in:

  • Up to 20% increased yields
  • Supreme crystal coverage
  • Optimum quantities of terpenes and essential oils
  • Improved flavor and aroma
  • Lighter environmental impact

With the correct application method, Foliar Essence can increase your product yields by up to 20%. How? Foliar Essence will increase your plant’s root set, support your own plant’s natural ability to produce thicker stems at the base, create bigger, more compact buds, and allow the plant to carry more weight resulting in a highly desirable “egg shaped” plant. Once you start treating your plants with Foliar Essence you will see results almost immediately; within 48 hours. Foliar Essence will also increase your plant’s ability to resist stress from nutrient deficiency, over-watering, under-watering, sudden changes in temperature, inconsistent ph levels, mold, and pests.

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