Making the Most of an Efficient HVAC System for Greenhouses

Efficient HVAC System for Greenhouses

Great article from Cannabis Business Times …

A greenhouse brings a grow closer to the elements, but the same sun that feeds the plants can also push the temperature far past the comfortable range for cannabis.

One main consideration is whether the greenhouse will be “open” or “closed,” says Nadia Sabeh, agricultural and mechanical engineer for consulting/engineering firm Guttmann & Blaevoet. An open greenhouse has some form of air flow from outside the structure, while a closed greenhouse is structured more like an indoor grow and mostly sealed. But even though an open greenhouse has more interaction with outside air, it doesn’t mean the cooling strategy is … just to open a window, she says.

Depending on the location of the greenhouse, natural, passive ventilation is an option with ridge vents or open side walls, which can be manual or automated, says Sabeh….

Read the full article at Cannabis Business Times.

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