Company Spotlight – California Organic Fertilizers Inc.

Based on our qualitative observations of farms using select products from this line of fertilizers, it is in our opinion that businesses, farms and co-ops, seeking to follow organic input standards, look into using this line of fertilizers. 

California Organic Fertilizers has consistently proven their line of nutrients and any single product can make a great addition to a current regime.  We recommend that farms and individuals contact their local horticultural center and request this line be carried. 

In this spotlight we are looking at their product called Phytamin Special.  It’s NPK is 4-1-1. Derived from fish solubles and corn steep, it has this pleasant aroma of a sweet fermented smell mixed with fish. It is not listed in their company directory so we will call them to find out some more information. It is likely the corn had undergone some fermentation, which falls under our scientific inquiry to learn how fermenting plants can unlock hormones, enzymes and nutrients.  

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