Year: 2017

Making the Most of an Efficient HVAC System for Greenhouses

Efficient HVAC System for Greenhouses

Great article from Cannabis Business Times …

A greenhouse brings a grow closer to the elements, but the same sun that feeds the plants can also push the temperature far past the comfortable range for cannabis.

One main consideration is whether the greenhouse will be “open” or “closed,” says Nadia Sabeh, agricultural and mechanical engineer for consulting/engineering firm Guttmann & Blaevoet. An open greenhouse has some form of air flow from outside the structure, while a closed greenhouse is structured more like an indoor grow and mostly sealed. But even though an open greenhouse has more interaction with outside air, it doesn’t mean the cooling strategy is … just to open a window, she says.

Product Spotlight – Foliar Essence

Foliar Essence

It smells like sweet fermented sugars. Loaded with micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and phytohormones, Foliar Essence rapidly boosts growth rates and can be used in conjunction with any fertilizer regimen.

100% organic and vegan, Foliar Essence is carefully extracted from organic soybeans, organic rice and organic sugarcane to provide a readily absorbable form of supplemental plant nutrients important for healthy plant development and pest-resistance support. This foliar spray is ideal for organic and vegan (those who grow without any animal-based fertilizers or animal-based amino acids) cultivators as well as conventional growing, as it ensures that your propagation gets its maximum nutrients resulting in:

Effect of Aerated Compost Tea on the Growth in Organic Cultivation


Here we see that Compost Tea is well worth the effort. Four types of compost were brewed and then the available nitrogen was determined, as well as the density of microbial communities, along with their affect on plant growth characteristics.  Across the board it was shown that aerating compost tea released more nutrients, increased microbial counts, and helped plants grow.  Way to go AACT.

Article Courtesy of TeaLab.

Effect of Aerated Compost Tea on the Growth Promotion of Lettuce, Soybean, and Sweet Corn in Organic Cultivation
Journal of Plant Pathology 2015

Harvest Rain, Harvest Flowers

Rainwater Tanks

By Lizandro Salazar

As more propositions pass, tax dollars accumulate, and growers slowly creep out of the woodwork, it’s becoming clear that the CA cannabis industry is entering into a new phase.

While regulators scratch their heads trying to figure out how to best approach this topic, it’s clear that “business as usual” may turn into “business unusual.” Many farmers groan as engineering fees, soil tests, and permitting costs raise the price of going “legal”, but some growers and professionals are nodding their heads in approval. What some view as bureaucracy, others see as a opportunity to ‘do things right.’ CA is the leader in agriculture in the US. We grow the food that feeds most of the country using Billions of gallons of water, mixed with countless chemicals. Is the cannabis industry going to follow the same path? Or are we going to create sustainable and resilient systems promoting renewable energy, zero pesticides and water sovereignty? I’d like to think the latter.

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