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Seed List 2022 - Cannabis Horticultural Association

Some of the Best Deals for Elite Genetic Crosses!!!

$100 for 25 seeds

Living in Humboldt County for the past 15 years has provided the CHA access to world class genetics that has helped develop a unique library of flavors for both flower and concentrates. These genetics will contain award-winning phenotypes, it’s up to you to grab a few packs and hunt them out to find the winners. That is why we have included 25 seeds in most packs, this gives you the ability to have a larger group to hunt from. The quality of the flowers will match any other famous breeders but at a fraction of the cost. Some of the pictures below are from our Slapz and Tropaya Lines (photos of outdoor grown flowers) Check out the seeds page to learn more.

Also Don’t Sleep on the Lemon Hashplant Line!!!!

The Lemon Hashplant line was a 2022 project in conjunction with a local Humboldt farmer/breeder. A large number of male seeds were grown out from Bodhi seeds Lemon Hashplant (Lemon G x 88 G13. 2 select males were chosen for smell, structure and vigor and used in an open pollination project with a select group of elite award winning genetics. The crosses that come out of this line are sure to win some awards. These seeds are now available for purchase on the website #CHAnetics

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