The Cannabis Horticultural Association is pleased to announce a new perk to joining the CHA, Seeds!

All new members in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers will receive an exclusive pack of non-feminized seeds from a specialty breeding project for 2021 that is selecting for a diverse array of terpenoids and concentrate production. A Slapz (Runtz x Grease Monkey) male plant was chosen and bred into a few select females of Gelonade, White Runtz, and Blood Orange Kush. Members can contact us directly for more info after signing up and to choose varieties and inquire if any new genetics are available. ***Seeds are for novelty use only and are collectors items.

White Runtz x Slapz showcased in gallery below


    1. Hey Ana! The Slapz genetics are Runtz x Grease Monkey. We selected a special Slapz male plant out of about 50 male plants and used that plant to cross into all the other genetics. We are building out some more detailed information on the crosses on Strainly right now.

      While the genetics list is not fully complete, it should provide much better information for you. If you have any questions please email ([email protected]) or contact through Instagram! Thanks

        1. Each genetics line has a different selection process, in general most males are selected for vigor, scent, trichome coverage, structure and speed of flowering.

    1. Hey William, it looks like you signed up for the $9.99 membership, that will just get you access to the database. If you would like a membership that comes with free seeds you need to sign up for a higher tier, you can learn more on the join page Thanks!

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