CHA Welcomes David Heldreth to the Advisory Board

David Heldreth

David Heldreth is a Chief Science Officer of True Terpenes and also the founder and CEO of Panacea Plant Sciences, a biotechnology company developing a portfolio of cultivation and related IP and patents around the cannabis plant. He testified on behalf of True Terpenes at the historic FDA hearing on cannabis, CBD, CBG, CBC and terpenes in our food supply on May 31, 2019.

A background in engineering, biology and journalism drive Heldreth’s desire to develop new technology and inform the public. He was sought after by CHA because he’s an expert on the various laws that affect the way hemp and cannabis are regulated. Heldreth regularly brings his knowledge to the public to educate consumers, medical patients and government regulators on cannabis science and policy topics.

Heldreth and Panacea Plant Sciences have secured a 9-acre hemp cultivation and processing campus and Washington State hemp cultivation, processing and marketing licenses. He’s an expert on the various laws from the Farm Bill to the FD&C Act that affect the way hemp and cannabis are allowed to be cultivated, processed and even used under federal and state laws. Heldreth recently helped have language stating “the whole hemp plant may be used as food” inserted into Washington State Hemp Bill SB5276 which secures a pathway to food use for hemp products.

Heldreth brings this knowledge and background to his work guiding True Terpenes through the scientific and regulatory landscapes. True Terpenes focuses on providing flavor solutions for cannabis, food, beverage, cosmetics and beyond. They specialize in utilizing isolated botanical terpenes to recreate the flavor, taste and aroma of the cannabis plant. True Terpenes and Heldreth are developing cannabis and terpene intellectual property to expand form factors and uses for terpenes. This dovetails with the company’s advocacy work with cannabis at the state and national levels. At the national level Heldreth is slated to testify at the FDA hearing on the use of cannabis and its derivatives for use in food, cosmetics and more on May 31. His focus will be on a short path to FDA approved food use for hemp and cannabis-derived terpenes.

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