Vitamin Z

Vitamin Z [ZOZ x (ZOZ x SBS)] is a hybrid backcross from the CHAnetics division of the Cannabis Horticltural Association (CHA). This hybrid mashup from the ZOZ from Dying Breed Seeds and the SBS from Crockett Family Farms started back in 2017 and has been developing organically since that time. The Vitamin Z gives off mouthwatering aromas strongly dominated with the zkittlez terpenes from the ZOZ with added gas/banana and sherbet terps from the Sour Banana Sherbet.

The backcross to the ZOZ really brings out the zkittlez/gas terps, while maintaining the vigor, structure and a nice blend of terps from the SBS.  Mid range washer with insane zittlez smells! The one that is recommended to hunt for is the one that smells like chewable vitamin c tabs. Hence a spinoff on the name!  Happy Hunting…..


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  • CHAnetics™
  • Bred in Humboldt County.
  • Cannabis Horticultural Association®


Seed Type: Regular

Vitamin Z [ZOZ x (ZOZ x SBS)]  from CHAnetics™

ZOZ – Zkittlez x (Zkittlez x Eddie Lepp OG)

SBS – Sour Banana Sherbet

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