Sour Dizzle -AJ’s Sour x Lime Sour

Sour Dizzle – AJ’s Sour x Lime Sour

A new drop from CHAnetics is sure to get you excited about some sour hybrids.

Get ready for a killer ride across exquisite flavors and beautiful fall colors. The flavor profile is like a mouth watering sour candy lime zkittlez like combo. The sour fuel comes on stronger at the very end of flowering and into the cure but with a sweet fuel filled lime candy exhale. It’s the Sour Dizzle!!!


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  • CHAnetics™
  • Bred in Humboldt County.
  • Cannabis Horticultural Association®


Seed Type: Feminized

AJ’s Sour Diesel – A long backstory from the legend himself has secured this cut of Sour Diesel into the history books. To me it seems to flower a little faster than some of the longer east coast sours and has a little bit more citrus sour than gas sour but still really really nice sour.

Lime Sour (Sour D x Lime5) – A creation from MeanGene aka Freeborn Selections, this cross was made with Skunktek’s Sour D cut and MeanGene’s Lime5. The LimeF5 is (pretty sure) (Hollywood Pure Kush x Black Lime) x Black Lime and absolutely reeks. Put the Sour D in there and you end up with and incredible a candy lime kush profile. Plus the Black Lime genetics add some beautiful color.

Sour hybrids can be a little finicky with intersex traits so if you have already grown it you should be able to handle it. Outdoors it should be fine. Greenhouse usually has no problems. Indoors will just depend on environmental controls. Sometimes you have to pick off the lower anthers in the first few weeks and then it is fine the rest of flowering. Some are fine the whole time. Welcome to the greater world of Sour Diesel

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