Poochies Papaya x Slapz

Poochies Papaya x Slapz: This cross leans dominantly towards the poochies papaya traits. Lime green buds with bright orange hairs. Some selections have beautiful pink pistils. The flavors have sharp citrus lime like characters mixed with some funky earth terps. Definitely unique

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  • CHAnetics™
  • Bred in Humboldt County.
  • Cannabis Horticultural Association®


Seed Type: Regular


Poochies Papaya: This strain is made from crossing White Bubba, aka Bubba White, and Papaya. Poochies Papaya grows large buds that are bright green with orange hairs. It’s known for its fruity smell with hints of pepper/spice. Buds put a lot of weight on towards the end of flower.

Slapz: The selection came from a cross between Runtz and Grease Monkey. This mostly indica cannabis strain is highly potent and has an interesting lineage. Additionally, some consumers have reported the strain to produce a heavy diesel pine taste and have a pungent piney smell

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