Peanut Butter Breath Bx2

Peanut Butter Breath (DoSiDos x Mendo Breath) is originally bred by ThugPug Genetics. Slightly nutty and kushy with some gassy and floral notes. Some report subtle notes of citrus and pepper. It has a very complex terpene profile. Super relaxing and euphoric.

Outdoor it finishes mid-late September and is sometimes been called a “quix” or “quick” for its faster flowering time.


Here’s a message from Shepherd Sam the breeder of the PBB Bx2

“Fast forward your breeding project for the future of tasty Kush flavor. Three years of focus on the iconic super quick peanut butter breath adapted to extreme environmental conditions at high elevation, isolated breeding project with no hermaphroditism. Outdoor bred seeds are hearty and rigorous as it gets. From top of the mountain, bred for doing lightning fast rounds of top grade indoor quality. These will yield crazy high if you baby them, just as well if you don’t, this backcross will produce extremely potent flower in a dry farmed (without water once established) setting. There’s a magical moment every year right around the 3rd of October when the peanut butters have already fully cured out.”

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  • CHAnetics™
  • Bred in Humboldt County.
  • Cannabis Horticultural Association®


Seed Type: Regular

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