(OG Kush x TK) x SFV OG

(OG Kush x Triangle Kush) x SFV OG

A heavy hitting gassy OG hybrid that checks all the boxes. OG’s reputation for potency and therapeutic benefits has made it a sought-after strain in both medical and recreational cannabis communities. Its reliable and consistent effects, combined with its flavorful profile, make this hybrid a favorite choice for those seeking a well-rounded experience that combines relaxation, euphoria, and potential relief from various ailments.

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  • CHAnetics™
  • Bred in Humboldt County.
  • Cannabis Horticultural Association®


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Seeds Per Pack: 12 Seeds
Seed Type: Feminized


Pure OG Kush x Triangle Kush (FROM CSI)

CSI did a great job with this one, he use the the original Pure OG Kush cut from the early 2000’s. Truly a great and expensive original OG cut. He hybridized it with the infamous Triangle Kush cutting of Orlando Florida fame. Is the closest to a pure OG type hybrid out there.


SFV OG (CHA was gifted a tissue culture clone of this from Kevin Jodrey)

SFV OG, short for San Fernando Valley OG, is a distinguished and potent indica-dominant cannabis strain renowned for its robust effects and flavorful profile. Named after the region where it originated, SFV OG has gained widespread popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for its strong lineage and impressive traits.

This strain typically boasts dense, resinous buds characterized by a pungent, earthy aroma with hints of pine and lemon. Its scent profile often carries through to its taste, delivering a combination of citrus, woodiness, gas/diesel and a touch of spice upon inhalation. The terpene profile contributes to its distinctive flavor, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

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